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Plant Care - African Violet

Light : Indirect or bright-diffused light is best.
Water: Moderately moist soil is preferred.  Water thoroughly when just the soil surface is dry to the touch.  Don't allow plants to stand in water.
Temperature: Warm - Prefers 70-75 daytime's and 65-70 nights.
Availability: Year Round.
Color Range: White, pink, blue, red, purple, and some bi-colored.
Lasting Quality: Continuous flowering in proper light conditions.
Key Tips for Success:  Popular African Violets will flower continuously in good natural light conditions or with 14-16 hours of artificial light per day.  Very high light can cause yellow leaves, but inadequate light will discourage flowering.  Avoid splashing cold water on the leaves, as this can cause yellow            spots.  Remove wilted flowers and leaves to discourage rot.  Leaf petioles may rot from absorbing soluble chemicals where they touch the rim of the pot.  Cover the pot rim with foil to prevent this.  Remove dying leaves to avoid gray mold and crown rot.


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