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Plant Care - Bromeliads

Light: Bright light location is preferred but can be maintained for many weeks in lower light.
Water: Maintain planting medium on the dry side.  Drench medium thoroughly, then allow it to become moderately dry before watering again.
Temperature: Moderate/Warm - Prefers 65-75 daytime's and 60-70 nights.
Availability:All year
Color Range:
Lasting Quality: 2 to 4 months
Key Tips for Success: This popular Bromeliad retains its dramatic pink flower up to six months, blooming above it's large banded, vase-shaped rosette of leaves.  Keep water in the cup of the plant at all times, but maintain planting medium on the dry side to avoid crown rot.  Scale can be a problem with Bromeliads.  Other popular aechmeas include:  Chantinii, Fasciata, Marginata, FasciataVariegata and Bromeliifolia.


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