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Plant Care - Calla Lily

Light: Well-lit sunny position on the Balcony in the garden.  Bring indoors in late September.
Water: Give plenty of soft water in summer.  Needs good drainage.
Temperature: 60-90 daytime's and 50-60 nights.
Availability: February through April.
Color Range: Yellow, pink, white.
Lasting Quality: 3 to 4 weeks flowers, and 3-4 months foliage.
Key Tips for Success: After flowering put in good light until August and cease watering.  Leaves will yellow and should be removed.  Remove the plant from the pot, shake old soil off the roots and separate the individual plantlets.  Repot with fresh soil when you want to begin the growth cycle again.  For summer bloom, pot in April.  For winter bloom, put in September or October.  In the growing and flowering seasons water plentiful using soft water.  Propagation can also be by division of the rootstock.  Does well outside especially wit partial afternoon shade in summer.  Hgts. 16-24"


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