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Plant Care - Cineraria

Light: Indirect or bright-diffused light is best.  This is a will-lit location out of direct sun.
Water: Soil should be kept very moist, soggy, at all times.
Temperature: Cool - Prefers 60-65 daytime's and 55-60 nights.
Availability: February through April.  Some as early as January.
Color Range: Red, purple, blue, and salmon.  Some with white eyes.
Lasting Quality: 1-3 weeks.
Key Tips for Success: This beautiful native of the Canary Islands is an annual plant that is discarded after blooming.  Protect Cineraria from full sunlight which can scorch the flowers.  They wilt easily due to their large water requirement.  Cinerarias rot easily in closed environment, so unpack them immediately upon arrival.


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