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In 1947, Paul W. Flint , at 18 years of age, began learning the basics of growing indoor blooming plants. He secured a job at Miller Floral in Farmington, Utah, training under some of the finest growers in the Intermountain West. In 1953, he purchased three small greenhouses with an attached flower shop in a nearby community. This was the beginning of Flint Greenhouses.

Initially, poinsettias and easter lilies were the primary potted plants grown. The chrysanthemum at that time was grown only in the fall, its normal season. At that time, all of the sales were to flower shops throughout the states of Utah and Idaho. When the science of being able to raise chrysanthemums year round came into existence just a few years later, it became the most popular blooming plant.

Flint Greenhouses were the first to sell chrysanthemums to grocery stores in the Utah area. This was a marketing idea that caught on quickly. After 35 years, chrysanthemums continue to be the number-one potted plant on the market, along with a large selection of blooming plants available year round.

In 1967, Paul began building new greenhouses in Layton and continued to expand as the flower sales demanded. In October of 1971, Dennis Cox, a nephew and graduate in botany from Weber State University, began training with Paul as a grower. He is now the supervisor over several growers in the five acres of greenhouses in Layton.  Thermal Energy caught the attention of Paul and his son David B. Flint in 1982 at Buhl, Idaho and now 2 1/2 acres of greenhouses are located here.  Paul and his son David became co-owners and managers of both locations.  David is kept busy as the head grower in Idaho.  He also takes care of many managements responsibilities in Layton.

In 1985, With continual growth and expansion, it was necessary to form Mountain States Plants as the merchandising company for Flint Greenhouses. In 1996, With another son, Bart Flint, David and Paul purchased two acres of greenhouses in West Point, Utah as sales continued to climb.

In 1997, Thousand Springs Plant Co. merged with Flint Greenhouses to give us an additional two acres in Idaho.

At the present time, Bart Weaver - Sr. Vice President, Bart Flint - Sales Manager, Boe Flint  - Sales Tec., Shelly Briggs - Sales Tec.  make up the sales force for Mountain States Plants.

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