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Plant Care - Hydrangea

Light: Indirect or bright-diffused light is best.
Water: Moderately moist soil is preferred.  Water thouroughly when just the soil surface is dry to the touch.  Don't allow plants to stand in water.
Temperature: Warm - Prefers 70-75 daytimes and 65-70 nights.
Availability: Feb - May
Color Range: White, pink, blue
Lasting Quality: 3 to 4 weeks
Key Tips for Success: Another member of our 'potted' plant family, these potted Hydrangeas offer a remarkable amount of color in showy balls that crown their large, broad leaves. Arriving up to 24" inches tall, and able to reach many feet, this stunning plant comes in a 6" terra cotta pot. Hydrangeas prefer room temperatures with a fair amount of sunlight, with an acidic fertilizer profile. This plant is well suited for patio containers, and is certain to reward your recipient with long lasting splendor


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