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Plant Care - Malacoides

Light: Bright light but not direct sun.  Does well in artificial light.
Water: Keep very moist using tepid water.  Give even more water in the flowering period.  Avoid wetting foliage.  Needs good drainage.
Temperature: Cool - Prefers 60-70 daytime's and 50-60 nights.
Availability: February through April.
Color Range: White, pink, red, lavender.
Lasting Quality: Continuous flowering in proper light conditions.
Key Tips for Success: Malacoides are delightful indoor plants, true harbingers of spring.  For prolonged enjoyment Malacoides should not be placed in too warm of an environment.  In a heated room they should be put close to the window where it is usually a little cooler.  Pay attention to water; primulas are thirsty plants.  If the foliage turns yellow, it means the plants are too dry.  Over feeding can also burn this plants roots.



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