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Plant Care - Miniature Rose

Light: Indirect or bright-diffused light is best.  This is a well-lit location out of  direct sun.
Water: Moderately moist soil is preferred.  Water thoroughly when just the soil surface is dry to the touch.  Do not allow plants to stand in water.
Temperature: Moderate - Prefers 65-70 daytime's and 60-65 nights.
Availability: February through April.
Color Range: Pink, red, salmon, yellow, and white, orange.
Lasting Quality: 3-4 weeks.
Key Tips for Success: The lovely Miniature Rose is charming in posts on porch or patio or in a bright indoor location.  If your plant is to be transferred out doors later, a bright light location is especially important while indoors.  A cool environment at night 50-60 will help extend flowering while the plant is indoors.  Lack of bud development or bud drop or leaf drop may result from under watering or hot, dry conditions.  You may plant your Miniature Rose outdoors in a sunny spot  after danger of  frost.  Plants are hardy outdoors.



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