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Plant Care - Chrysanthemum

Light: Indirect or bright-diffused light is best.  This is a well-lit location out of  direct sun.
Water: Moderately moist soil is preferred.  Water thoroughly when just the soil surface is dry to the touch.  Do not allow plants to stand in water.
Temperature: Moderate - Prefers 65-75 daytime's and 60-70 nights.
Availability: Year round
Color Range: White, gold, yellow, pink, lavender, bronze, red.
Lasting Quality: 3-4 weeks.
Key Tips for Success: Chrysanthemum blooms are available in several flower shapes including single, decorative, daisy, Fuji and spider types.  Cool nights 50-60 help maximize bloom time.  In the bud stage, Chrysanthemums need bright light near a sunny window to encourage the buds to open.  Once in full bloom, they can tolerate lower light.  However, yellow leaves and black flower centers indicate light is too low.  Avoid direct, full sunlight which can burn the flowers.


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